2020 EFCATS Summer School

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The 2020 Summer School of the European Federation of Catalysis Societies (EFCATS) will be held from 15-19 September 2020 in Grand Hotel Bernardin Convention Center in Portorož-Portorose, Slovenia. The event entitled “ENGINEERING MATERIALS FOR CATALYSIS” is organized jointly by the Section for Catalysis of the Slovenian Chemical Society and the Austrian Catalysis Society.

The 2020 EFCATS Summer School will focus on recent advances regarding synthesis, in-situ and operando characterization and applications of heterogeneous catalysts as well as multi-scale modelling of catalytic processes. Besides, the publication system and less competitive free discussions will be addressed at the meeting.

Master and doctoral students as well as early-stage researchers being involved in the above-mentioned topics are strongly encouraged to attend the event. More than ten worldwide known experts will deliver invited lectures. The participants will be able to present the results of their research work in the form of oral presentations or poster contributions. Virtual tour to the ELETTRA synchrotron in Trieste, Italy, will be organized as part of the 2020 EFCATS Summer School.

We look forward to meeting you in Portorož-Portorose in September 2020!

The Organizing Committee



The 2020 EFCATS Summer School entitled“ENGINEERING MATERIALS FOR CATALYSIS” will last four days and will consist of invited lectures, oral presentations and poster contributions. The papers will be selected by the chairs, based on the innovative aspect and scientific level. The abstracts should be related to the topics of the 2020 EFCATS Summer School.

The official language of the event is English. Papers and other documents will be in English. No translation facilities will be provided.

Presentation of scientific contributions. The majority of scientific contributions will be presented as posters, but a limited number of papers will be selected for oral presentation. For invited and oral presentations, each lecture room will be set up with the necessary audiovisual equipment. The display boards for poster presentations (width: 90 cm; height: 190 cm) will be provided. Posters (brought in person by the author and not mailed in advance) should be mounted on the board corresponding to their poster number.

Participants of the 2020 EFCATS Summer School will be able to attend scientific sessions of the 26th Annual Meeting of the Slovenian Chemical Society held in parallel at the Grand Hotel Bernardin Convention Center.




The 2020 EFCATS Summer School entitled ENGINEERING MATERIALS FOR CATALYSIS will cover the following topics:

– advanced synthesis and basic characterization of heterogeneous catalysts
in-situ and operando characterization
– synchrotron characterization
– materials for photocatalysis and electrocatalysis
– multi-scale modelling of catalytic processes
– communication in science (publication system and less competitive free discussions)



The 2020 EFCATS Summer School will publish a proceedings volume with a registered ISBN number, which will be a collection of one-page abstracts. The participants of the 2020 EFCATS Summer School will receive the book of abstracts at the Registration Desk.

A limited number of selected contributions presented during the 2020 EFCATS Summer School will be published as reviewed full papers after the event in a special issue of the journal Catalysts (MDPI; https://www.mdpi.com/journal/catalysts). Oral and poster presentations will be rated equally for publishing. Guest editors (in alphabetical order) will be Nataša Novak Tušar, Albin Pintar and Günther Rupprechter. Click on the banner below for more details!


For participants of the 2020 EFCATS Summer School, the article processing charge (APC) for publication in this open access journal special issue is 1350 CHF (Swiss Francs), i.e. 25 % discount on the regular APC.




Prof. Dr. Bao Lian Su
Laboratory of Inorganic Materials Chemistry, University of Namur, Belgium
Member of the European Academy of Sciences, Member of the Royal Academy of Belgium and Clare Hall Life Member, University of Cambridge, Prof. Su held “Belgian Francqui Chaire” in 2012-2013. He received his doctoral degree in 1992 from the University Pierre and Marie Curie, France and is a full Professor at the University of Namur since 2002. He holds also a Changjiang Professor position at the Wuhan University of Technology. Prof. Su’s current research fields include the synthesis, the property study and the molecular engineering of hierarchically porous materials, bio-integrated living and bio-inspired materials for catalysis, photocatalysis, artificial photosynthesis, nanotechnology, biotechnology, energy storage and conversion and cell therapy (h index 73, ˃ 400 publications).
Dr. Svetlana Mintova
Laboratory for Catalysis and Spectrochemistry, ENSICAEN – Université de Caen – CNRS, Caen, France
Svetlana Mintova is Director of Research, 1st class in CNRS, Laboratory of Catalysis and Spectroscopy, Normandy University, France and Invited Professor in China University of Petroleum, Qingdao, China. Mintova is the receiver of the Baron Axel Cronstedt award from FEZA 2014, the Donald Breck award from the IZA 2016, the “Le Prix La Recherche Chimie” 2016, and Shandong international science and technology cooperation award 2019. Mintova is the Council member of the IZA, FEZA and GFZ, and the Chair of the “Synthesis Commission” of the IZA. Her scientific interests include preparation of porous materials, nanosized zeolites, films, coatings, composites and related applications.
Prof. Dr. Bert Weckhuysen
Research Group Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Prof. Bert Weckhuysen (51) received his master degree in chemical and agricultural engineering with greatest distinction from Leuven University (Belgium) in 1991. After obtaining his PhD degree from Leuven University with honours (highest degree) in 1995 under the supervision of Prof. Robert Schoonheydt, he has worked as a postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Israel Wachs at Lehigh University (USA) and with Prof. Jack Lunsford at Texas A&M University (USA). From 1997 until 2000 he was a research fellow of the Belgian National Science Foundation. He has been a visiting scientist at Hokkaido University (Japan), Amsterdam University (The Netherlands), Manchester University (United Kingdom) and Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel). Weckhuysen is since October 1 2000 Full Professor Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis at Utrecht University (The Netherlands).
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Dr. Giuliana Aquilanti
XAFS beamline, ELETTRA – Sincrotrone Trieste, Basovizza, Trieste, Italy
Dr Giuliana Aquilanti is head of beamlines XAFS and XRF at Italian synchrotron in Trieste (Elettra). She received her PhD   in Physics at the University Joseph Fourier (Grenoble, France). The research carried out over the last 20 years concerns the development and application of x-ray techniques (mainly x-ray absorption spectroscopy) for the study of matter and was carried out at the European Synchrotron in Grenoble (ESRF) and at Elettra.  Her research activity is devoted to two main themes: (a) structural characterization of advanced materials for energy storage, and (b) structural characterization of matter under extreme pressure and temperature conditions. She is coordinating the scientific activity of the XAFS and XRF beamlines staff, as well as supervising fellows within different programs of ICTP, IAEA  and IUCr. She was involved in different research projects funded by EU, IAEA and CERIC-ERIC. She is member and of the XAFS commission of the IUCr and part of the peer review committee of synchrotron Soleil. She is co-author of more than 170 articles.
Dr. Jasper Plaisier
MCX beamline, ELETTRA – Sincrotrone Trieste, Basovizza, Trieste, Italy
Dr. Jasper Plaisier is the head of the beamline MCX at the Italian synchrotron in Trieste (Elettra). He received his PhD in 2002 in inorganic solid state chemistry at the University of Leiden (The Netherlands) on the synthesis, and structural characterization of osmium- and rhodium containing oxides. He subsequently joined the group of structural biology at Leiden University with prof. J.P. Abrahams developing methods for high throughput polymorph screening of pharmaceuticals using robotics and powder diffraction and, later, method development for cryo-EM. In 2007 he joined the MCX beamline, first as a scientist, and since 2015 as head of the beamline. The research carried out concerns structural characterization of materials in many different fields ranging from cultural heritage to engineering applications. A special interest is focused on the characterization and development of new battery materials.
Dr. Alexander Genest
Institute of High Performance Computing, Agency of Science, Technology of Science, Singapore and Institute of Materials Chemistry, Technische Universität Wien, Austria
Alexander Genest completed his doctorate 2007 in theoretical chemistry in the group of Prof. N. Rösch at Technische Universität München, Germany. During his postdoctorate, he shifted to modeling reactions in homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis. Until recently, Alexander Genest was Senior Scientist at the Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC) of the Agency of Science, Technology and Research, Singapore, serving as the section leader for catalysis modeling. In July 2020, he joined the group of Prof. G. Rupprechter at the Institute of Materials Chemistry of Technische Universität Wien, Austria, and is on a Habilitation track now. Alexander´s research interests focus on the properties of metal nanoparticles, including their reactivity, and catalytic reactions of practical importance. The goal of these modeling efforts is an atomistic understanding of such reactions. Alexander Genest received awards for his contributions to industry projects as well as the best paper award of IHPC in 2014, 2016, and 2017.
Assist. Prof. Dr. Blaž Likozar
Department of Catalysis and Chemical Reaction Engineering, National Institute of Chemistry and Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Prof. Dr. Blaž Likozar is a permanent position researcher at the National Institute of Chemistry (head), while also affiliated to the University of Ljubljana, as well as the Pulp and Paper Institute. He graduated in Chemical Engineering, then attaining a PhD in Chemical Engineering as well. He is an expert in chemical reaction, reactor and process engineering, as well as multi-scale modelling simulations. He is experienced in unit operation design, construction and optimisation, as well as ab initio modelling. Previously, he worked for 1 year at the University of Leoben, as well as for 0.5 year at the University of Delaware (the Catalysis Center for Energy Innovation). He is the author of >150 documents (peer-reviewed) (h-index: 22; Scopus). He is/was involved in 14 H2020 projects.
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Joaquim L. Faria
Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Porto, Portugal
Joaquim Luís Faria (55) received his PhD in Chemistry (1993) from Instituto Superior Técnico (Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal), under the supervision of Prof. M. J. E Prieto and Prof. S. Steenken, following the work done at the Max Planck Institute for Radiation Chemistry (Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany). He joined the Laboratory of Catalysis and Materials (Univ. of Porto) in 1994 as a staff member, where he founded a research line on Heterogeneous Photocatalysis. He is currently Associate Professor at Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP), Board Member of the Department of Chemical Engineering of the same Faculty, member of the Scientific Committee of the MSc in Chemical Engineering and member of the Scientific Council of the Associate Laboratory LSRE-LCM (Laboratory of Separation and Reaction Engineering – Laboratory of Catalysis and Materials). His work focuses on catalysis and catalysed reactions, with thermal and photo-activation for environmental applications, energy and fine chemical synthesis. He has published over 200 articles (h index of 51), eight books as editor and co-editor, eleven book chapters and many outreach writings in chemistry and chemical education; organised and co-organised over 35 international scientific events. He is currently, vice-president of the Portuguese Chemical Society.
Assist. Prof. Dr. Raffaella Buonsanti
Department of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland
Dr. Raffaella Buonsanti has started her position as Tenure Track Assistant Professor at at the Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering (ISIC) of the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in November 2015. She received her Master Degree in Chemistry from the University of Bari in 2006. In 2010, she graduated in Chemistry from the University of Salento working at the National Nanotechnology Laboratory (NNL, in Lecce-Italy). She continued her research as a postdoc at the Molecular Foundry, at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). Then she became a tenure-track staff scientist in JCAP (the Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis) at LBNL where she started her own research program. At EPFL, Professor Buonsanti implements a highly interdisciplinary approach, spanning from Chemistry to Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, to address fundamental challenges in energy technologies. Her team works at the interface between materials chemistry and catalysis.
Dr. Nikolai Nesterenko
Gas Catalytic Conversion Group, Strategy Research & Development, Catalysis in Refining & Base Chemicals, TOTAL, Belgium
N. Nesterenko (b. 1977) graduated cum-laude from Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), obtained PhD (Heterogeneous catalysis) in 2004 from University of Montpellier & MSU, and joined the R&D division of Total in 2005 in Belgium. Then, he completed EMBA (2014) at HULT International Business School in London (UK) with part time rotations to Dubai and Shanghai campuses and was appointed as the coordinator of R&D program on conversion of natural gas and the head of the Industrial Chair Laboratory between Total and National Engineering School of Caen (France), where he defended HDR (Chemical Engineering) in 2020. Dr. N. Nesterenko has proven experience within refining and chemicals, biomass & natural gas upgrading, (co-) inventor of more than 100 patents; one of the key contributors in four industrializations of new technologies performed by Total, (co-) author of 29 articles; author of 3 plenary & 15 keynotes lectures at international conferences.
Prof. Dr. Silvia Bordiga
Department of Chemistry, University of Turin, Italy
Silvia Bordiga is Full Professor in Physical Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Turin. Since 2012 she is also Prof. II at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Oslo. She is the President of the master course in Material Science at Turin University and member of trust in many National and International committees. In 2017, she received the Prize from the French Chemical Society (bilateral prize France – Italy). In 2019 the European Federation of catalysis Societies (EFCAT) awarded her the Francois Gault Lectureship Award. She was recognized as Chemistry European Fellow in 2018-2019. In December 2019 she received the Wilhelm Manchot Research Professorship of the Dep. of Chemistry at the TUM University, Germany. Her scientific activity is mainly devoted to the characterization of the physical–chemical properties of high surface area nanostructured materials used as heterogeneous catalysts, materials for adsorption, separation and storage, through in situ spectroscopic studies. More recently, she is actively working to the development of the emerging field of Porous Metallorganic Frameworks, both contributing to the understanding of known materials and developing new ones for specific applications.  She is one of the four PIs in a ERC Synergy project “CUBE” granted in the last fall. She has very high track records with more than 430 publications in peer-reviewed journals and h-index 100.




On-line abstract submission opens 23 March 2020
Abstract submission deadline 3 July 2020
Notification of acceptance 10 July 2020
Early bird registration fee deadline 14 August 2020
Hotel reservation deadline 14 August 2020
2020 EFCATS Summer School begins 15 September 2020





The 2020 EFCATS Summer School will consist of eleven plenary lectures delivered by invited reputable scientists, and 13 oral presentations delivered by post-doctoral fellows and doctoral students participating at the event. Besides, a poster session will be organized during which more than 50 contributions will be presented.

The Young European Catalysis Network (YEuCat) will contribute to the programme of the 2020 EFCATS Summer School. More information about YEuCat can be found on the following website: https://www.youngcatalysis.net.


To follow the programme of the 2020 EFCATS Summer School on mobile devices and schedule your agenda, you are invited to use the »Eventor« mobile app available for free in Google Play and iTunes App stores.





Nataša Novak Tušar Albin Pintar Günther Rupprechter



Portorož-Portorose, the town on the Slovene riviera, is known for its climatic conditions beneficial to health and well being in general. The thermal baths, based on brine and saline mud, have very old tradition, starting in 13th century. In addition, the “Port of Roses” offers the visitors sandy beaches, the best equipped marina for yacht tourist, various sport activities and a lot of entertainment including the casino. Portorož-Portorose can be conveniently reached by air (Ljubljana, Trieste, Venice), by train (Koper, Trieste), by ship (Venice) and by road.

The 2020 EFCATS Summer School will be held at luxurious Grand Hotel Bernardin Convention Center, located in the St. Bernardin hotel and conference resort (see http://www.hoteli-bernardin.si/en/). The latter lies on a peninsula with lush Mediterranean flora, halfway between the medieval town of Piran-Pirano and the modern seaside resort of Portorož-Portorose. The bell tower of the remains of St. Bernardin’s monastery from the 15th century stands as a proud reminder of the rich cultural past, and marks the centerpiece of the resort.

The convention center of the Grand Hotel Bernardin offers several multi-purpose rooms, state-of-the-art audiovisual and telecommunication equipment and experienced staff. All this as well as the exceptional location and services of the resort make convention center of the Grand Hotel Bernardin the ideal venue for business, scientific and social events, that can host up to 2600 persons.

Some pleasures at disposal include sandy and grassy beaches, windsurfing school, boats, sailing boats, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, fitness, scuba-diving school, boat marina, golf, tennis courts, boule lanes, basketball court, beach-valley court, bikes, exquisite national & fish food in several restaurants with perfect local wines, music & dance, casino and much much more.





A block of rooms at special rates has been booked for participants of the 2020 EFCATS Summer School in hotels of various categories in the St. Bernardin Adriatic Resort and Convention Center. Hotel reservations may be made no later than the 14 August 2020 in the following ways:

– by calling directly (+386 5 690 70 00) to the reservations department of St. Bernardin Adriatic Resort & Convention Center (identify yourself as an »2020 EFCATS Summer School« attendee to obtain the conference room rates);

– by filling out the on-line reservation form accessible below;

– by completing and returning (preferably by e-mail to booking@h-bernardin.si) the Accommodation Form directly to the reservations department.

Your choice of accommodation will be duly considered; however, applications will be processed on a first come, first served basis. To confirm your reservation, a guarantee by credit card or a deposit of one night accommodation is required.

Hotel Price for single room / night Price for double room / night
Grand Hotel Bernardin***** 145 EUR 155 EUR
Hotel Histrion****
(NEW April 2020)
135 EUR 145 EUR
Hotel Vile Park*** 82 EUR 92 EUR


The above prices are per room per night and include buffet breakfast, free Wi-Fi access, entrance to the Water Park Termaris – Hotel Histrion, free parking and VAT. Tourist tax (2.50 € per person per night) and booking fee (1.00 € per person per stay) are charged extra.

In connection with the recent COVID-19 epidemic, good care about the safety and health of the participants will be taken – see Hotel Hygiene Standard.

Hotel Histrion and Hotel Vile Park are located a 5 minutes walk from the Grand Hotel Bernardin Convention Center.

Guaranteed reservations. Accommodation at the conference rates listed above will be guaranteed only to those who will have sent their request by 14 August 2020. All requests received after this date will be subject to availability. A guarantee of accommodation (either by a credit card or bank-transfer deposit) is required to confirm your booking.

Cancellation policy. In case of guarantee with a credit card: if you cancel the reservation 48 hours prior to arrival date – no costs. In case of late cancellation or non arrival, the hotel reserves the right to charge your credit card in the amount of one night stay. In case of payed deposit: if you cancel the reservation 48 hours prior to arrival date, the hotel will return you the amount of payed deposit reduced by 10 %. In case of late cancellation or non arrival, the hotel reserves the right to keep the whole deposit.

The reservations department of St. Bernardin Adriatic Resort & Convention Center will be happy to confirm your reservation as soon as possible. For any further information, please call (+386 5 690 70 00) or send an e-mail (booking@h-bernardin.si).




The following social programme has been arranged for participants of the 2020 EFCATS Summer School:

Tuesday, 15 September 2020, 20:00 – 22:00; Get-together party

The get-together party of participants attending the 2020 EFCATS Summer School will be held in the beach area of Hotel Vile Park. A selection of local-style finger food and drinks will be provided. Dress code: Casual

Wednesday, 16 September 2020, 20:00 – 22:00; Welcome reception

To welcome the conference participants, an informal gathering will take place in the Cocktail Lounge of Grand Hotel Bernardin. During the evening you will enjoy a selection of drinks, finger buffet and entertainment. Dress code: Casual

Thursday, 17 September 2020, 20:00 – 23:00; Gala dinner

Relax and enjoy under the stars in a unique view of the Piran Bay and taste the famous Mediterranean cuisine in the modern-stylish setting arranged on the Terrace International of the St. Bernardin Adriatic Resort and Convention Center. The fee covers an apéritif followed by a regional meal accompanied by excellent Slovene wines. Dress code: Business casual

Friday, 18 September 2020, 20:30 – 22:00; Party

The party will be held in the charming medieval town of Piran. Located at the entrance to the Tartini Square, the smiling staff of Batana pizzeria will offer you a wide range of pizzas, the recipes of which have remained unchanged for over 40 years. You are bound to have a beautiful view of the harbor. Dress code: Casual




About Slovenia. Just a brief look at the map of Europe is enough to locate Slovenia (https://www.slovenia.info/en). It lies at the point where Adriatic Sea cuts deeply into the heart of the mainland Europe, where the snow peaks of the Alps gradually give way to forests and then plains. Slovenia, a green and diverse country that lies between the Alps, the Mediterranean, and the Pannonian basin, embraces all the beauties of the Old Continent. Waiting for you are snow – covered mountains and a Mediterranean coast, beautiful karst caves and thermal springs, deep gorges created by clear mountain rivers, wide vistas of slow flatland rivers, mountain lakes and disappearing karst lakes, ancient villages and medieval towns, old castles and modern entertainment centers, innumerable vineyards producing top quality wines, and mysterious primeval forests. You can travel through time all day in museums, castles, churches, and galleries and amuse yourself in the evening at one of Europe’s best casinos. Today you can enjoy the peace of a farm holiday and tomorrow experience an international cultural event. Slovenia is truly colorful, and it knows how to charm visitors with its originality and beauty. If you experience it, you won’t forget it. Come and discover Slovenia, the beautiful country on the sunny side of the Alps!

The exceptional location of the conference site offers a wide choice of daily excursions to the most appreciated sights in the area, such as fabulous caves of Postojna (https://www.postojnska-jama.eu/en/), the riding shows of the famous Lipizaner horses in the stud farm in Lipica (https://www.lipica.org/en/), Venice (Italy) only two hours boat trip across the Adriatic sea, or just a visit to the typical Istrian villages with their unspoiled Mediterranean lifestyle.


Travel information. Portorož-Portorose can be reached by air (Ljubljana-Brnik: 139 km, Trieste: 75 km; Venice: 210 km), by train (Koper: 13 km, Trieste: 39 km), by ship (Venice), and by road (highway: Munich-Trieste-Koper, Vienna-Ljubljana-Koper or Venice-Trieste-Koper).

The Organizing Committee of the 2020 EFCATS Summer School will organize special shuttles for either one-way or round-trip transportation of participants from airports in Ljubljana (Slovenia), Trieste and Venice (Italy) to the conference site. Participants who are interested in using the shuttle transfer service on their arrival and/or departure to/from Portoroz-Portorose, are kindly asked to provide required information about their itinerary on the Transfer Form.

Comprehensive guide. Travelling to Portoroz (PDF)


Visa requirements. A valid passport is sufficient for a visit to Slovenia on business or as a tourist, provided your stay does not exceed three months. Citizens of EU countries may enter Slovenia without a passport, provided they present their identification card or other valid personal document. Anyone who is required to have a visa to enter Slovenia, may obtain it at the Slovenian representative in their country. The Organizing Committee will assist the participants who might have difficulties obtaining a visa, provided all necessary information is forwarded at least three months in advance.


Letter of invitation. The Organizing Committee will send a Letter of Invitation upon request. The invitation is intended to facilitate participants travel and visa arrangements and does not imply the provision of any financial or other support.


Wi-Fi internet access. For the duration of the 2020 EFCATS Summer School, Wi-Fi internet access will be available free of charge in Grand Hotel Bernardin Convention Center.


No-smoking policy. For the comfort and health of all attendees, the 2020 EFCATS Summer School is smoke-free. In addition to this, there is a law in Slovenia that prohibits indoor smoking in public places except for strictly designated sections.


Silent cellular phone policy. For the comfort and peace of all attendees, cellular telephone ringing has to be switched off before entering lecture rooms. Violators will be asked to leave the lecture room.


Emergency medical service. Resuscitation team and emergency ambulance will be available at all times during the event. Please report all emergencies to the registration desk.


Responsibility. The Organizing Committee does not accept responsibility for any personal injury, damage or loss of property which may occur in connection with this event or any of the programmed events. The participants are kindly requested to make their own insurance arrangements.




Abstracts will be published in the Book of abstracts in electronic format.

Submission of abstracts is expected from all participants (oral and poster presentations).

  • The abstracts should be written in a concise manner and the content should be presented clearly. The authors are solely responsible for grammatical and factual accuracy.
  • Language English
  • Maximum one A4 page (Word – 2.5 cm margins (left, right, top, bottom))
  • Font style Times New Roman
  • Font size 11
  • Single-spaced text
  • References: font size 10
  • We kindly encourage the authors to make use of the abstract template, in which the default text is replaced by the authors. This will produce the document in the required format.
  • Authors are required to submit abstracts in PDF format.
  • Title
  • Authors (Presenting author should be highlighted accordingly)
  • Institutions (Name and Address)
  • E-mail of the Presenting author
  • Abstract text
  • Keywords
  • References




Registration is required for all participants and accompanying guests. Please complete and submit on-line the Registration Form  to the Organising Committee. Use a separate form for each participant and accompanying guest.

Important note for presenting authors: A contribution will be included in the book of abstracts only after full payment of registration fee confirmed by 28 August 2020. Each registered participant can present a maximum of two communications (either oral or poster).

Registration fees

Early bird registration deadline: To take advantage of the reduced conference registration fees, register and pay registration fee before or on 14 August 2020. Higher fees apply after 14 August 2020.

Attendee category Before or on 14 August 2020 cAfter 14 August 2020
MSc or PhD studenta 350 € 400 €
Post-doctoral fellowb 350 € 400 €
Regular 500 € 550 €
Accompanying person 200 € 200 €
aPlease upload a scan of your Student Identity Card during the registration procedure. bPlease upload a scan of official statement regarding your status during the registration procedure. cOn-site registration will be charged 50 € extra.

The registration fees for participants and students include a conference bag, a copy of the proceedings, admittance to all scientific sessions, the exhibition and poster programme, lunches and refreshments during the 2020 EFCATS Summer School, get together party, welcome reception, conference gala dinner and farewell party.

Registration fee for accompanying guests includes get together party, welcome reception, conference gala dinner and farewell party.  For accompanying persons interested in sightseeing tours, information will be available in the hotels.

Confirmation of the registration

A Letter of Confirmation will be e-mailed to each participant upon receipt of Registration Form and payment (or proof of payment). Please present this letter upon registration.


All fees for the 2020 EFCATS Summer School registration should be paid in €uro, VAT is included in all fees. Payment of fees must accompany all registration forms.

Payments – without any charge to the beneficiary – are to be made in one of the following ways:

  • by bank transfer for the amount of €uro to the credit of the Slovenian Chemical Society, Hajdrihova 19, SI-1001 Ljubljana, Slovenia, with notification »2020 EFCATS« to Nova Ljubljanska Banka d.d., Trg republike 2, SI-1520 Ljubljana, Slovenia; IBAN: SI56 0205 3001 3322 846; SWIFT: LJBASI2X;
  • as on-site payment.

All payments should clearly state payee’s and/or accompanying person’s name/s and have to reach the Organising Committee at the latest two weeks before the event. Admission to the session requires the registration badge, which will only be handed over if payments have been effected. Students are required to attach a photocopy of their Student Identification Card with their Registration Form.

Late registration will still be possible on-site at the Registration Desk in the Grand Hotel Bernardin Convention Center at an extra charge of 50 €. Only payments in €uro (but no other currency) by cash will be possible; credit cards and personal or company cheques will not be accepted.

Cancellations, refunds and substitutions

Written, faxed or e-mailed requests for cancellation and refund of registration fees should be addressed to the Organising Committee. Cancellations received before 14 August 2020 will be refunded in 80 % payment. No refunds will be made for cancellations after this date, but the Conference Proceedings will be mailed. All requests for a refund will be handled after the event. Registered participants unable to attend may nominate substitutes by informing the Organising Committee.

Cancellations due to COVID-19. For justified cancellations due to COVID-19 or anything related to this reason, FULL REFUND of the registration fees will be made accordingly. We will allow cancellations latest by 1 September 2020. All requests for a refund will be handled after the event. Kindly please take note that for any other cancellation not related to COVID-19, normal cancellation policy applies as described in the above paragraph.


Diamond sponsor

Gold sponsors


Silver sponsors



Bronze sponsor

Coffee-break sponsor






2020 EFCATS Summer School Secretariat,
c/o Slovenian Chemical Society,
P.O. Box 660, SI-1001 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Phone: +386 1 47 60 252
Fax: +386 1 47 60 300

E-mail: chem.soc@ki.si